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Playing Stan Laurel in the Glasgow Panopticon

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It all started back in march when I first received the call from Colin MacGregor about playing Stan Laurel and Performing “trail of the lonesome pine” and “at the ball, That’s all” as pre show entertainment to “Two on the Roof” by Shug the dug productions in the Britannia panopticon. At first I was excited but extremely nervous because I had never performed on stage prior to this as I usually do more Film/TV work.

I was given a brief about the history of the panopticon and the iconic characters to tread the boards and immediately realised it was a opportunity I couldn’t miss out on. I began reading more about laurel and hardy as well as watching some of the old movies and the recent “Stan and Ollie” movie as I wanted to be able to portray Stan laurel as best I could. Especially after reading he had his debut on stage in the panopticon.

I felt so honoured not only to have been given the opportunity to portray such an iconic character, and tred the same boards he once did, but also to perform in the famous britannia panopticon. I had an amazing experience and I’m so truly grateful to have been given this massive opportunity.